Rich Schlosser!

Hello I’m Rich Schlosser (owner) I was born in the Chicago land area and I now live in Scottsdale Arizona and Pagosa Springs Colorado. I love the desert and the mountains and it’s the perfect balance to enjoy the outdoors year round.


I became infatuated with travel in my early 20s and being in the construction field on/off seasons have allowed me to do some very extensive journeys. I believe my hunger for nature and adrenaline sports have brought me to Colorado where I can enjoy a backyard of adventure.

When I travel I like to avoid the trendy, overcrowded, touristy attractions and try to meet and gel with the locals. I like to see how they live, learn about their culture, share stories and get a more personal taste of their area. This has always given me a respect for other cultures as well as an appreciation for my own.

What I love about Pagosa Springs is the beauty of the undisturbed forests and the opportunities of endless outdoor activities in all seasons. I love the laid back attitude of the small town and the feeling I get when I’m surrounded by nature. I have driven through most of Colorado and chose the San Juan Forest for its geographical beauty.