Roger Sanchcez

Hi everyone; my name is Roger Sanchez and I developed, designed and manage this website through my company, (so I hope you like it).


I lived in Washington state (personally partial to Spokane, WA for its unique city & small-town blend); I moved to Arizona at 26 to restart my life in the art field & graduated college with a degree in Animation and other miscellaneous certifications.


From here, I worked in Phoenix, AZ as a website architect/manager for about two years and frequently visited Colorado during that time. I miss Washington quite a bit, and – in comparison – Colorado reminded me of Washington to some level. I felt ‘at home’ here.


In October 2009, I have made a permanent move to Pagosa Springs, CO after visiting for years. My day job is working as a freelance website developer and designer under my company Dynamico Designs. As well, I reside at Redhawk Haven.


With the endless amount of activities I personally enjoy (working out, hiking, biking, trail riding, camping, hot-spring soaking, snowboarding, skiing, relaxing and more)! I know you will enjoy your stay here just as much!