Hi everyone!

This is Roger Sanchez from the Redhawk Haven Vacation Rental and Retreats in Pagosa Springs, CO 81147. Today, I was coming home from the coffee shop about 5:30PM and took Piedra Road home as usual, but for some STRANGE reason, the road led up to a detour, and I had no choice but to take it. It was a good thing that I did take it, because I ended up driving home onto North Pagosa Boulevard and found quite the surprise in the middle of the road:

A very nice, but injured bird: I literally found him in the middle of the road on my lane and quickly turned my truck around to pick him up so that he wouldn’t get run over: I’m certain cars were running around him for a little while, so he was probably freaked out – when I picked him up, he was quiet, but loved it when I rubbed his head (he would close his eyes). He’s being taken care of tonight, but will have a new home at St. Francis Bird Sanctuary tomorrow morning. You can watch some of the videos below, and also visit (and like) our Redhawk Haven Vacation Rental FaceBook page to view pictures of our feathered friend who is well taken care of tonight, and will be well taken care of by professionals come tomorrow morning : )

IMPORTANT UPDATE September 18, 2012 @ 11:15A.M.Hi everyone…I just called Pat Jackson at the St. Francis Sanctuary just now because the bird passed away late last night…She assumed he must have took a pretty hard hit on the road…I’m going to bury him somewhere in the National Forest (back yard) tonight, so he will be one with the Earth again…Not a great way to start a day, but I’m glad we did everything we could to at least provide some love for this bird before he passed away…Thanks all for the support!